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What does CraigsList think?

Several of our users have asked about whether or not CraigsList.org has become angry at the use of CraigSpy.  The fact is, we just don’t know yet.  The software was initially developed by a young bachelor in Colorado who used the tool to acquire new furniture for his house; as word spread through friends and family, so did the demand for his tool, and a small company was formed to make everything more official and legitimate (for tax, financing, legal, legal, legal and other reasons.)

CraigSpy is not a web-based public service like CrazedList, CraigsHelper, Craig2Mail, or other similar spiders or data miners.  It is a standalone application for Windows users designed as a search engine that depends on an internet connection and the system resources of the local computer.  It uses throttling technology to prevent flooding, and does not send or post data to the CraigsList.org site — posts must be inserted manually.  Craig-Spy.com is not responsible for changes made to the CraigsList website and reserves the right to terminate sales, services and product updates at any time.

This standalone software does not use a static server to process information, but instead uses the user’s local computer.  It queries the CraigsList.org website in exactly the same manner as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Googlebot and other HTTP software, but provides a few small extra tools to assist the user.  All HTTP requests are made per a throttled queue line to prevent excessive hit requests to the CraigsList website at a single moment.  CraigSpy will make HTTP requests at around 1-1.6 times per second for multiple queries, and a query limit is currently being considered.  Since CraigSpy users are private customers, and the software is not provided as freeware or shareware to the public, the amount of queries to the CraigsList.org website is minimal and does not appear to “anger” CraigsList auto-banning bots in any way.  Craigspy does not directly abuse the CraigsList.org website engine; all queries are based on the same URLs popular search engines have archived.

The CraigsList.org Terms of Use section 7-u states that “You agree not to use automated means to download data…”  In this event, since our users purchase CraigSpy as a standalone software program we simply ask that you do not abuse the CraigsList website, and use your software in a responsible manner just as you have agreed according to the CraigSpy and CraigsList.org Terms of Use agreements.  Excessive abuse may cause your IP address to get banned from CraigsList.org – as a private member, you accept complete responsibility for your actions as an individual user.  No CraigSpy user has ever been banned by the CraigsList brass, and measures necessary to prevent this will be taken (such as product updates.)

For questions or concerns, please email support@craig-spy.com

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