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CraigSpy v1.2 Update


  • Fixed verification tools; users could not install on two systems as promised.  New system allows 2 unique system installs per license key.  (Max of 2 computers.)
  • Adjusted flagging tools.  New flagging system will not re-flag items when “Flag New” is on.  It will also NOT consider previous matches as “found”; users must now do this manually. Users can flag and un-flag matching items by clicking item flags or the “Clear All” button.
  • Added “Search XX Posts Deep” option.  Previously, CraigSpy would scan only the latest 100 posts.  Now, users can scan up to 2000 posts deep.
  • Added timer intervals to primary scrollbar.  Users can now “click and hold” scrollbar buttons.
  • Fixed a mousewheel issue with the item list — mousewheel scrolling of other list boxes caused interference with the main list.
  • Added new search options.  + and – symbols can be used as search parameters (ie: “+truck, -ford” searches for posts with the key word “trucks” and without the key word “ford”.) 
  • The + option isn’t required; users would get the same results with “truck, -ford”. 
  • Multiple terms/keys MUST be separated by commas.
  • Added help icons with tooltips.
  • Added all remaining countries and cities (from Argentina to Vietnam!)

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