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CraigSpy v1.11 Update


  • Yummier interface.  :)
  • Fixed some issues with the primary scrollbar.
  • Added “show matches only” checkbox option.  This displays only the items that match search terms and filters out the non-matched items so users don’t have to scroll through unwanted items.
  • Added multiple item search queue – can now search multiple locations and multiple categories.  Includes a status meter that was very necessary for long searches (each location/category can take 1-5 seconds to get, depending on internet connection speeds.)  The longer the queue line (# of locations selected * categories selected) the longer it will take for CraigSpy to search.
  • Fixed a problem with browser launch that would open two tabs in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fixed a problem with some browsers that would not launch at all.
  • Added error messaging to photo viewer; some photos would not load because a posting was deleted.
  • Added 111 new U.S. locations.
  • Added 15 new categories.
  • Adjusted flagging feature — flags are removed after each search.  (Update 1.12 may need some new flagging features.)
  • Confirmed working in Windows Vista.

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