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OUR ARCHIVES : August 2007

CraigSpy in Windows Vista!

Now Windows Vista users can enjoy using CraigSpy!
With the latest v1.11 update, CraigSpy users can enjoy the benefits of CraigsList searching in Microsoft’s Vista Operating System.  We are confident the software is stable and working in the Vista environment as it does in XP/2000 tests.
Next: Will we release a Macintosh compatable product? 

Update v1.11 Available!

CraigSpy v1.11 is now available, bringing a stack of new features to CS users.  Features include multiple location and category searching, automation processes, display features and a ton of compatability fixes.  Windows Vista users can now enjoy CraigSpy, and FireFox/IE users don’t have to worry about issues with browser differences (when viewing postings.)
Overall, CraigSpy has [...]

CraigSpy v1.11 Update

Yummier interface. 
Fixed some issues with the primary scrollbar.
Added “show matches only” checkbox option.  This displays only the items that match search terms and filters out the non-matched items so users don’t have to scroll through unwanted items.
Added multiple item search queue – can now search multiple locations and multiple categories.  Includes a status [...]

What does CraigsList think?

Several of our users have asked about whether or not CraigsList.org has become angry at the use of CraigSpy.  The fact is, we just don’t know yet.  The software was initially developed by a young bachelor in Colorado who used the tool to acquire new furniture for his house; as word spread through friends and [...]