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CraigSpy 1.23 Update

Fixed an issue with a CraigsList.org update that prevented photo icons from appearing.
Added categories:  Personal: Rants & Raves, and Personal: Casual Encounters

CraigSpy 1.22 Update

Fixed a serious problem with a broken cAsE seNsiTiVitY filter causing fewer matches to appear.
Fixed issue in the status bar that caused an “undefined” variable error to appear.
Fixed a problem with linking in Previously Found drop-down.
Fixed a problem with duplicate list items appearing in the Previously Found drop-down, which caused
a severe memory leak after long [...]

CraigSpy v1.2 Update

Fixed verification tools; users could not install on two systems as promised.  New system allows 2 unique system installs per license key.  (Max of 2 computers.)
Adjusted flagging tools.  New flagging system will not re-flag items when “Flag New” is on.  It will also NOT consider previous matches as “found”; users must now do this manually. [...]

CraigSpy v1.11 Update

Yummier interface. 
Fixed some issues with the primary scrollbar.
Added “show matches only” checkbox option.  This displays only the items that match search terms and filters out the non-matched items so users don’t have to scroll through unwanted items.
Added multiple item search queue – can now search multiple locations and multiple categories.  Includes a status [...]