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Craigspy 1.5 Update!!!

CraigSpy v1.5

We are excited to announce the latest release of CraigSpy – version 1.5!

This is a major update — by (very) popular demand!  CraigSpy now supports SMS and MMS text messaging, email notifications and more!  CraigSpy is simpler, and as always — fast!

CraigSpy v1.5 Updates:

  • SMS and MMS text messaging support – users can now have text message notifications sent to a phone number.  SMS text messages are limited; only up to 5-8 text messages will be sent per search (due to SMS length limitations and annoyance of too many messages’ limit is subject to change.)  Use MMS text messaging for long messages.  Your carrier, phone and service contract must provide SMS/MMS capabilities.  Messaging service charges may apply according to your phone service contract.
  • Email notification support – users can now have emails sent to an address when CraigSpy finds new items.  Emails include images and details.  Works great with Smart Phones (iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) and iTabs.
  • The CraigSpy interface is now larger (600 x 600 pixels, versus the previous size 500 x 500.)
  • Extended image preview – users can now preview up to 4 images per post.
  • Primary preview image is now larger.
  • Price range filtering – users can now filter price ranges.
  • Price column – new price column added to item list.
  • Location column – post’s location (if available) is now shown in the item list.
  • Advanced Settings – a new settings screen is provided for the many new features of CraigSpy.
  • External carriers.txt file available to set up custom SMS/MMS gateways.
  • Checkbox toggle for system tray balloon added.
  • CraigSpy will automatically start scanning X minutes after application launch (if autoscan was previously enabled.)  This enhanced option is for users who have CraigSpy in the Windows Startup folder.
  • Flagging options removed.  This was causing confusion to many users and isn’t really necessary.  "Unflag Items" button was added in lieu of "Clear All" button.
  • Issue fixed that would disable mousewheel scrolling after opening the "Previously Found" list.
  • Some UI layout & graphic changes.

Craigspy 1.35 Update

CraigSpy v1.35

  • CraigSpy 1.35 now gets data a little faster than previous versions. Much of the programming source code has also been optimized, which in turn means less CPU usage. Programming has also been updated to be a little more flexible with CraigsList’s data output.
  • A MAJOR bug was discovered which caused many CraigSpy searches to become corrupt. This caused the data which was read-back to disappear, thus producing "0 posts found" in results. This bug has been completely repaired.
  • CraigSpy previously loaded data from cache, which often caused "old" and "flagged" search results to appear. The application now gets the latest data from CraigsList, regardless of the cached data.
  • Categories added –
    For Sale: Antiques, Appliances, Beauty+Health, Cell Phones
    Services: Pet, Adult, Farm+Garden
    Personals: Men seeking Men
    Gigs: Adult
    Jobs: Salon/Spa/Fitness
  • Issues with the reading of certain categories repaired.
  • "Show Matching Posts ONLY" legacy option removed. Users can still browse postings by entering nothing in the key words field.
  • CraigSpy now has support for CraigsList’s new "Local Results" feature.
  • Windows 7 supported.
  • 32-bit application icons added.

Update v1.3 Available!

CraigSpy just got even better — our search engine enhancements have been upgraded significantly, enabling users with the Show Matching Posts ONLY option checked to obtain very accurate search results.

Additionally, we have added a Stop button, and repaired a few bugs in other features!

Craigspy 1.3 Update


  • Search enhancements – when a user has Show Matching Posts ONLY checked, a more in-depth search is performed in both posting titles and descriptions.  New search process returns much more accurate results to the user.  Additional “smarter” search options have also been added (see the key word help option.)
  • Stop Button added – after a user presses “spy” the current process can now be stopped.
  • Fixed an issue with the status bar that caused improper status reports.
  • Fixed a small issue that caused CraigSpy to crash on some 64-bit PCs.
  • Prepared UI for full-screen mode (feature to be released in an upcoming version.)

Update v1.23 Available!

Due to popular demand, we’ve added support for the Casual Encounters category in the Personals section.  Rants & Raves category was also added.Additionally, we’ve repaired a recent issue with the photo preview feature that prevented photos from appearing (this was caused by programming updates at CraigsList.org.)

CraigSpy 1.23 Update

  • Fixed an issue with a CraigsList.org update that prevented photo icons from appearing.
  • Added categories:  Personal: Rants & Raves, and Personal: Casual Encounters

Update v1.22 Available!

During the development of the next version, we ran across a few bugs in v1.21.  Due to the seriousness of the bugs, we have released a small update with minor patches to fix these issues.  Simply run your copy of CraigSpy to obtain the new download.

CraigSpy 1.22 Update

  • Fixed a serious problem with a broken cAsE seNsiTiVitY filter causing fewer matches to appear.
  • Fixed issue in the status bar that caused an “undefined” variable error to appear.
  • Fixed a problem with linking in Previously Found drop-down.
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate list items appearing in the Previously Found drop-down, which caused
  • a severe memory leak after long periods of running the program.

Update v1.2 Available!

screenshot62.jpgCraigSpy v1.2 is now available which includes new features that some of our users have requested, bug fixes, and location support for ALL city/country locations on CraigsList!

Registered users can obtain their update by launching the CraigSpy software.

CraigSpy v1.2 Update


  • Fixed verification tools; users could not install on two systems as promised.  New system allows 2 unique system installs per license key.  (Max of 2 computers.)
  • Adjusted flagging tools.  New flagging system will not re-flag items when “Flag New” is on.  It will also NOT consider previous matches as “found”; users must now do this manually. Users can flag and un-flag matching items by clicking item flags or the “Clear All” button.
  • Added “Search XX Posts Deep” option.  Previously, CraigSpy would scan only the latest 100 posts.  Now, users can scan up to 2000 posts deep.
  • Added timer intervals to primary scrollbar.  Users can now “click and hold” scrollbar buttons.
  • Fixed a mousewheel issue with the item list — mousewheel scrolling of other list boxes caused interference with the main list.
  • Added new search options.  + and – symbols can be used as search parameters (ie: “+truck, -ford” searches for posts with the key word “trucks” and without the key word “ford”.) 
  • The + option isn’t required; users would get the same results with “truck, -ford”. 
  • Multiple terms/keys MUST be separated by commas.
  • Added help icons with tooltips.
  • Added all remaining countries and cities (from Argentina to Vietnam!)